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Welcome To TAS MERAH

abouts1The journey began eight years ago with the idea of a make-up bag, which would be lighter than the usual aluminum cases and perfectly complement additional parts. When launched, the first ever soft case made of sturdy polyester fabrics and a light weight construction was a big success. Today, a complete range of bags, accessories, chairs, and mirrors are available under the label TasMerah, all handcrafted leisurely and painstakingly in Bali, Indonesia.

TasMerah is a young and dynamic company that designs its products around the needs of a make-up artist. Its innovative designs are being loved by make-up artists around the globe because of their exceptional quality and workmanship. It’s reaching out to professionals working in the make-up, film and fashion industries. The products also have a wide range of uses in the domain of hobby, leisure, sport, costuming, and much more.

Since the very beginning, TasMerah’s has aimed to produce high quality products for the professional market. Its team in Bali, led by Swiss founder Orlando Bassi, consists of people who have acquired many years of experience in the entertainment industry. They are continuously developing new products while enhancing the existing lines. Customer feedback is considered vital to their research and development to keep abreast of the evolving needs.

The brand will be exclusively available through Ekta Cosmetics Limited. For further details on us visit